Arrival Procedures

The Lower School students in Kinder 1–Grade 2 will gather every morning in the cafeteria for their community gathering. All students will enter the school through the cafeteria doors (See picture below). Our cafeteria doors will open at 8:00 am as we welcome our scholars in for breakfast. Breakfast will be served from 8:00 am to 8:15 am.

All Lower School teachers will be on duty at the Lower School cafeteria at 8am. The morning routine includes all homeroom teachers in the cafeteria every morning greeting families and students. We appreciate everyone supporting this special way to gather every day! At 8:12 am, we will hold our morning community kickoff (including the Pledge and daily announcements) with all lower school students in the cafeteria. At 8:15 am, students will head to class ready to start a powerful day of learning with our phenomenal teachers. Lower School Students must be present by 8:15 am to be considered on time for school. Shout-outs at the end of the day will begin at 3:00 pm followed by dismissal.

The Upper School students in Grades 3–4 will gather every morning in the 1st floor cafeteria. The Upper School students in Grades 5-8 will gather every morning in the 2nd floor cafeteria. All teachers will be on duty at 8:05 am in the Upper School. Upper School Students must be present by 8:20 am to be considered on time for school. The morning routine includes teachers in the cafeteria every morning greeting families and students. We appreciate everyone supporting this special way to gather every day!

Kinder 1–Grade 2 students arriving on buses will be dropped off on Hanover Street in front of the Paul Revere statue. Ms. Tavares, our Super Science teacher, Ms. Wu our Excellent Engineering/Robotics teacher, Ms. Barnaby our Terrific Technology teacher and Ms. Rheaume our Incredible Intern will be greeting the buses. Faculty and Staff will be directing our students into the Lower School cafeteria doors to eat breakfast. We are working closely with Boston Public Schools Transportation with regard to arrival time pick up for our families.

Grades 3–8 students on the bus will be dropped off in front of the Upper School on Commercial Street. Faculty and Staff will be directing our students into the Upper School doors to eat breakfast.

There is a crossing guard assigned to the Upper School. The crossing guard will be located at the crosswalk of Hull Street and Commercial Street. Students walking from the Lower School to the Upper School should cross at Hull and Commercial Streets.

Please make sure if you are dropping off your student by car that you do not block the parking garage across from the Upper School. Thank you!


Dismissal Procedures

Shout outs will occur in both Upper and Lower Schools at 3:00pm.

At the Lower School, our kindergarten students will be dismissed first following the shout outs to ensure they can be down stairs in the playground first. Next at 3:10 pm, our walkers  in Grades 1 and 2 will be dismissed. All Kinder 1–Grade 2 walkers will be escorted through the Lower School cafeteria doors by teachers.

The Lower School playground is a very busy area. We will be placing cones to separate where families should stand. When you pick up your child and you are remaining in the playground, please move toward the play structure to allow families space to pick up their student.

Nazzaro Center after school students in the Lower School will wait in the new Italian Room on the first floor of the Lower School and in the Art Room at the Upper School. Both groups will be escorted to the Nazarro with a BCYF worker.

Buses will begin to be called at 3:05pm. Students from both the Upper and Lower Schools will be escorted to the bus by a teacher(s). All buses will be loaded on the corer of Hanover Street and Charter Street. Upper School students will be walked to the bus pick up location through the Prado.

Upper School walkers will be dismissed beginning with Middle School MBTA riders at 3:17 pm. Grades 5–8 walkers will be dismissed at 3:19 pm. Grades 3 and 4 walkers will be dismissed at 3:21 pm.



All students are expected to report to school on time every day. Students who arrive after the beginning of the day are tardy. They must follow the school’s tardy procedures in order to be considered present for the day​

It is the policy of the Boston School Committee that tardy students should be permitted to enter the school building. Headmasters and principals must (a) review their current tardy policies with their School Site Councils, (b) develop reasonable consequences to deal with student tardiness and positive incentives to encourage punctuality, and (c) closely monitor compliance with these policies.

School Uniforms​

On Monday, it is our goal that all our students will be in uniform. Uniforms are worn Monday through Thursday. The school uniform for students in the lower and upper schools Kindergarten through Grade 5 includes Navy blue pants, skirts, skorts or shorts and a navy, royal blue or white top. Students in the Middle School grades 6-8 must wear khaki bottoms and navy, royal blue or white tops. Eliot gear (including field day t-shirts) is considered uniform and can be worn by all Eliot K-8 students.

We also require that all Eliot K-8 Innovation School students wear the Eliot sweatpants and the Eliot t-shirt on Physical Education (PE/Gym) days. Students will have PE every week. You may purchase Eliot uniforms with the Eliot logo through the Land’s End website by clicking here. Our school code is 900054628.

BPS Attendance Policy​

A student must attend school for at least a half-day to be marked “present.” Check with the principal or headmaster to find out what a half-day is. In most schools, it is:

  • 3 hours in elementary school
  • 3 hours and 5 minutes in middle school
  • 3 hours and 10 minutes in high school.

Students who arrive after the beginning of the day must follow the school’s tardy procedures in order to be considered present for the day. Elementary and middle schools may not count excessive tardiness as an absence. High schools may count excessive unexcused tardiness as an unexcused absence. Each high school creates its own policy, working with the School Site Council and student representatives. Families must be notified by telephone or in writing after the first unexcused absence created by student tardies, with additional notification according to the school’s policy.​

A student with more than three (middle and high school) or four (elementary school) unexcused absences in a marking term, or more than 12 unexcused absences for the year, will receive a grade of NC (no credit) if the student otherwise earned a passing grade. If the student has not earned a passing grade, he or she will receive an “F” or a “1” (fail).​

If a student receives an NC for one or more marking terms, but does not exceed 12 unexcused absences for the year, the NC will be changed at the end of the school year to the grade the student would have otherwise received.​

A student may change an NC for the year to a letter/number grade, and earn credit for the course, by passing the final exam at the end of the year or during summer school.

Excused Absences​

Students must bring in a note after each day they are absent. The note must include the date absent, the reason for the absence, a phone number for the parent or guardian, and the parent or guardian’s signature. Students may make up work they missed during excused absences. Excused absences may include:

  • ​an illness or injury that prevents the student from attending school. ​The illness or injury must be verified by a health care provider, school nurse, or parent.
  • a death in the immediate family (parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin) or other significant personal or family crisis
    court appearances
  • medical or psychological tests during the school day. The parent must show evidence (such as a note from the health center) that the tests could not be scheduled after school.
  • religious holidays
  • visits to special education schools in some cases for students with disabilities
  • other extraordinary situations approved by the School Site Council.

What is an Unexcused Absence?​

Some parents think that any absence will be excused as long as the parent sends a note. This is not true. Here are a few examples of unexcused absences—even if the parent sends a note:

  • ​repetitive and chronic absence due to illness or injury. In these cases, foo the absence to be excused, the parent must submit a letter from a health care provider verifying that the student was too sick or injured to go to school.
  • student needed to baby-sit
  • cutting class
  • family vacation
  • trip to the homeland
  • extension of a religious or cultural holiday beyond the designated day or days on the school calendar.

After a public meeting, the School Site Council may expand the list of unexcused absences. See the School-Based Rules for details. Whenever possible, parents should check with the principal before allowing a child to miss school if they are not sure the absence will be excused.

Students are responsible for making up the work they missed when they are absent. However, the school is not required to help a student make up tests and assignments the student missed due to unexcused absences.

Students with six or more unexcused absences will be referred by a teacher or the principal/headmaster to the school’s Student Support Team (SST). The SST will review the case and work with the family to develop a plan to help the student improve attendance.

*For the complete Attendance and Punctuality Policy, CLICK HERE… then click ACA-18.