Welcome to the Eliot School

Whether you are a current or prospective parent or friend of the school, we invite you to explore our new website to learn more about the Eliot and the unique educational experience provided by our dedicated teachers, innovative programs, engaged families and supportive community.

Classified as a Boston Public Innovation School, the Eliot has enhanced its curriculum to chart its own course to high achievement. We continue to evolve our instruction to excite curiosity and immerse students in their learning. Our approach to education is holistic—focusing on serving students not only academically, but also physically, socially and emotionally. We partner with many community and civic organizations to provide the best possible resources and programs to our students, enriching their academics with arts and hands-on experiences that bring classroom learning to life.

We hope that you will read on to learn more about the Eliot K-8 Innovation School. We also encourage you to contact us at (617) 635-8545 to plan a visit to our school. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to the opportunity to inspire, motivate and support your child in his or her journey to reach their highest potential!

Traci Walker Griffith
Executive Director


Our mission is to provide a well-rounded education that helps every student not only achieve academic excellence, but build character, self-confidence, leadership and solid values, becoming positive contributors to their communities.


The Eliot School strives to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment where:

  • Responsibility, respect, safety and kindness are our guiding principles, taught and practiced daily by repetition and illustration throughout our curriculum;
  • Students are challenged to give their best not only academically—but socially—emphasizing the importance and value of community involvement;
  • All students learn in culturally responsive classrooms and are celebrated for who they are;
  • Educators, administrators, families and the community collaborate to create a culture of high achievement and help students develop the skills to think critically, solve problems and successfully navigate today’s fast-paced world.


Admission to the Eliot K-8 Innovation School is facilitated by Boston Public Schools (BPS).  Assignments for Boston Public Schools are generated by a computer algorithm which considers proximity, school choice rankings and many other factors when assigning schools.  The program aims to assign students to their highest listed school of choice. For more information please visit www.bostonpublicschools.org.

What is an Innovation School?

Classified as a Boston Public Innovation School, the Eliot has enhanced its curriculum to chart its own course to high achievement. The Innovation school classification gives Eliot increased autonomy and flexibility in six areas:

  1. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  2. Budget
  3. Schedule and Calendar
  4. Staffing
  5. Professional Development
  6. District Policies and Procedures

The Elliot’s Governing Board is charged with the oversight of the budget and staff hiring and is extremely familiar with the school’s individual needs and is able to be extremely responsive.

Through the autonomies provided by its Innovation School status, the Eliot chooses and creates curricula and assessment tools to best serve the needs of its students. It supplements existing Boston Public School curriculum with programs and interventions that target the precise needs of its diverse population, including students with disabilities and English language learners.