Governing Board

The Eliot K-8 Innovation School’s Governing Board is charged with carrying out the school’s mission and vision and setting forth school policies. The Board is responsible for implementing the autonomies granted to the school as part of its “innovation” status including staffing, calendar/schedules, curriculum and governance.

​The Board assumes the responsibilities of the old School Site Council specifically in regards to budget approval and staff hiring. It provides oversight similar to that of the Boston Public Schools Committee, but is more familiar with the Eliot’s individual needs and therefore, more responsive. The Board consists of 14–16 persons: four community members or partners, four faculty members, four parent representatives and 2–4 school administrators. Parents and community members may bring any issue to any Governing Board member for addition to the agenda and may present during the open hour of meetings from 5–6 pm.

Governing Board Members

Traci Walker Griffith, Principal

Traci Walker Griffith is the proud Principal of the Eliot School, a Boston Public Innovation School serving amazing scholars in grades K0 through 8. Entering her 17th year as the Eliot School Principal, Traci has been a part of the Boston Public School system since 1982, serving as both a teacher and administrator. Under her leadership, the Eliot has become a supportive professional learning community that embraces high standards for both adults and students, progressing from a state-identified, under-performing school in 2007 to recognition as a Commendation School in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Traci’s dedication to “excellence for all” can be seen in all aspects of the Eliot School in opportunities created for both students and faculty.   Fostering a life-long love of learning while supporting a students’ social and emotional growth has been a theme throughout Traci’s career, and can be seen whether she’s engaging with an Eliot scientist or teaching social development in a pick up soccer game.

Traci was awarded a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Educational Administration from the University of Massachusetts, a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Lesley University, and a Bachelor’s of Education in Elementary Education from Plymouth State University.  She currently lives with her husband, John, in Charlestown, MA.  Her two children, Joe and Elizabeth, are both former Eliot School students, currently studying at Boston Latin School.

Holly McPartlin, Head of School Grades K0-4

Aliza Moschella, Head of School Grades 5-8

Petey Prinn, Community Member


Alicia Piedalue, Community Member

Kristin Foley, Family Member

Ross Wilson, Community Member, Chair

Ross Wilson is the Executive Director of the Shah Family Foundation, a local foundation supporting education, health care and community in Boston. Ross previously served as Deputy Superintendent and Chief of Staff for the Boston Public Schools. He has also served in a variety of roles in BPS including Assistant Superintendent for Human Capital, Principal, kindergarten teacher, literacy specialist, and teacher of students with disabilities. Dr. Wilson holds Bachelors Degrees in Special Education, Elementary Education, and Psychology, and a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology from Marist College; a Masters Degree in Education Leadership from the University of Massachusetts Boston; a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Boston College and is an alumni of Harvard Business School. Ross and his wife, Lesia, live in Charlestown and are the proud parents of three boys who attend the Eliot School.

Luisa Siniscalchi, Community Member

Emiliabianca Pisani, Faculty Member

Daphne Norvin, Faculty Member

Lynne Johnson, Union Representative

Megan Castro, Eliot School Family Council

Karellis Rivera, Family Member